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Urbasa Natural Park

Urbasa Sierra

The Urbasa Nature Park s a protected area offering an idyllic landscape, with leafy beech woods and extensivemeadowlands. This sierra offers visitors some spectacular spots to visit, such as the Source of the Urederra river, the Monastery of Irantzu and the Balcón de Pilatos viewpoint.


What's more it's the perfect place for hill walking, bike trails, horse riding trails and caving…

Source of the river Urederra

The water filtering underground through the limestone has created a plethora of cracks and chasms, making it an ideal place for caving enthusiasts.


In places these underground currents surge out of the ground in the form of waterfalls. The source of the river Urederra is truly spectacular (access from Baquedano).


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Ctra. Estella-Olazagutía, km 30 (Parque Natural de la Sierra de Urbasa)

31809 OLAZTI - NAVARRA Spain

Teléfono. +34 948395223


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